Forever Tooth Gel - best for gum and mucous  membranes

Forever Bright Toothgel,, from Forever Living Products is an Aloe Vera based toothpaste without fluoride, without abrasives and without triclosan - giving you a healthier oral hygiene. The toothpaste is made from the finest ingredients and with an Aloe Vera content that is ideal to maximize the cleaning of the teeth without excessive abrasion and without fluoride.

Feed backs from many satisfied customers prove that Forever's Aloe Vera toothpaste, Forever Bright Tooth Gel, is one of the most effective toothpastes on the market, not least when it comes to caring for gums and mucous membranes. It lives not only up to competitors - it beats them in several lengths. To the main ingredient - fresh stabilized Aloe Vera gel - is added propolis, a natural antiseptic substance from the bees. It gives a thorough cleaning, preventing plaque and bad breath. Mucous membranes of the mouth and gums are affected positively. The toothpaste is particularly suitable for sensitive gums and blisters in the mouth. The toothpaste can be applied (dab on) directly if it hurts too much to use toothbrush.

Superior dental care product
Forever Bright Tooth Gel toothpaste is developed in collaboration with experts in dentistry to achieve the best possible product: a toothpaste that cleans teeth while it wont gums and mucous membranes. Forever Bright has also a roughening effect that is so low that the toothpaste can be characterized as polishing toothpaste, and rightfully so as a dental cream. Also, children favour the toothpaste. Forever Bright Tooth Gel is green and has a fresh, mild flavor that most people like. A quantity of toothpaste equivalent to a pea on the toothbrush or electric toothbrush is appropriate. The toothpaste foams very little. Aloe Vera toothpaste from Forever is fluorine free. If fluoride is wanted in daily oral hygiene, we suggest a supplement with fluoride tablets.

Benefits of Forever Bright Tooth Gel
• Prevents plaque
• Prevents bad breath
• Prevents tartar
• Prevents bleeding gums
• Prevents blisters in the mouth
• Prevents cracks / sores at corners of the mouth
• Suitable for sensitive gums
• Suitable also for small children
• Suitable for prosthesis
• Soothes gums
• Fresh, pleasant taste that is not too strong
• Without abrasive
• Without fluoride
• Without triclosan