Aloe is used in many skin care products because of its ability to stimulate healthy cell growth and repair damaged tissues. Most people think of using Aloe only on their skin because that is all they know about.
Benefits of Aloe Vera to the Skin:

  • Aloe vera is beneficial for cracked and dry skin.
  • Aloe vera oil can be used on the dry skin to make the skin normal and shiny.
  • Aloe Vera acts as a natural barrier and shields our skin from dangerous toxins.
  • Aloe vera is helpful for frostbite, burns, insect bites, blisters and allergic reactions.
  • All the Aloe vera products are used as a part of skin treatment regimen and keep the skin healthy.
  • Aloe vera products contain the highest concentrations of healing agent which is beneficial for the skin.
  • It makes the skin smooth and glowing.
  • It relieves heat on the skin caused by sunburn.
  • Aloe vera is used for treating various skin conditions such as eczema, burns, psoriasis, inflammations, wounds etc.
  • It destroys bacteria that try to invade cuts or open wounds.
  • It forms a protective barrier around achy and sore joints and muscles.
  • It is an excellent skin moisturizer that keeps the skin flexible by giving oxygen to the cells which in turn increases the strength and synthesis of skin tissue.
  • The products of Aloe vera are very popular among the customers due to the moisturizing properties which are best for the skin or skin disorders.
  • Aloe vera improves the ability of the skin so that it can hydrate itself.
  • It is helpful in removing dead skin cells and has the ability for effective penetration and transports healthy substances through the skin.
  • It is beneficial for the cosmetic products such as make up, anti-wrinkle creams, facial masks, skin conditioners and lipsticks.
  • Aloe vera is useful for preventing the aging of the skin. It nourishes the skin and tissues with body-loving nutrients such as vitamin E and C.
  • Aloe vera gel is helpful in improving the lesions.
  • It lightens dark spots on the face and reduces the intensity of pigmentation.
  • It soothes itching and helps restore skin's natural beauty.
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Item #040   15.28 CAD

ALOE FIRST  is an excellent addition to any first aid kit. This exclusive skin soothing formula provides a first line of defense against minor skin irritations. Formulated in a base of stabilized aloe vera gel, Aloe First contains Bee Propolis, Allantoin and eleven exclusive plant extracts:
  •  Bee Propolis increases the natural skin-soothing properties of the aloe vera gel.
  •  Allantoin is a skin rejuvenating ingredient found in many plants, including aloe.
  •  Eleven carefully selected plant extracts, also known for their beneficial properties, complete this powerful formula.
The combination of aloe and herbs provide a naturally soothing, pH-balanced spray that is easy to apply to even sensitive skin. Aloe First is designed to soothe the skin after minor cuts, scrapes, burns, and sunburn.
Other uses for Aloe First include spraying on hair to counteract the elements. It is even used in some hair salons as a pre-perm solution, as it helps to neutralize the drying effects of perming solutions. Aloe First is especially soothing after waxing.                 

  • Every first-aid kit should have one
  •  Soothes minor skin irritations
  •  Counteracts environmental and chlorine damage to hair
  •  Pre-perming solution
  •  Soothing after-wax treatments

Item #064C    10.62 CAD

ALOE heat lotion After a long, active day, we all know the misery of tired, aching muscles. Now you can stretch no further than to grab a tube of Aloe Heat Lotion!

This rich, emollient lotion contains warming agents to make it the ideal massage companion for tired muscles and dry skin. Aloe Heat Lotion is a pH-balanced, lubricating lotion designed for a soothing, relaxing massage. The deep penetrating power of Aloe Vera will help soothe your muscles after sports or that extra hard workout!       

  • Soothing relief after sports or working out
  •  Rich, emollient formula
  •  An ideal massage lotion

Item #062C  10.62 CAD

ALOE lotion One of our signature products, Aloe Lotion is a wonderful, all-purpose, skin lotion with a high content of pure, stabilized aloe plus Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E to moisturize and soothe the skin. Collagen and Elastin are added to this fine mix to assist in keeping the skin smooth and supple. It is an ideal choice for applying to dry, chafed, wind-blown or weathered skin.
Light in scent but long on soothing dry, irritated skin, Aloe Lotion quickly restores your skin’s delicate pH balance to keep it supple and soft. Our improved formula takes advantage of the latest breakthroughs in skin care technology to make Aloe Lotion feel sensational all over your face and body!                                          

  • Moisturizer for face and body
  •  Excellent after-sun moisturizer
  •  Hand lotion
  •  Finer texture than Aloe Moisturizing Lotion
  •  Very soothing

Item #051C   15.04 CAD

ALOE propolis creme Aloe Propolis Crème is a rich blend of stabilized aloe vera gel and bee propolis, with other ingredients recognized for their contribution to healthy skin. Chamomile, one of nature’s best-known skin care herbs, is also added to the mix. Vitamins A and E complete the formula, recognized for their natural skin-conditioning properties. (113g)


  • Aloe Propolis Creme is perfect to replenish dry skin moisture.
     It can also be used for specific skin problems.
     Finally, the Aloe Propolis Cream contains no water, making it a perfect winter cream - even in the face.
    The cream can be used both on the face, hands and feet as well as on the entire body.
  •  If the consistency seems too thick, you can mix with Aloe Vera Gelly,  so the cream will be easy spreadable.

Item #061C   10.62 CAD

ALOE VERA GELlY Historically, a major use of aloe vera was to aid in soothing minor skin irritations. Many households kept a live aloe, or “burn plant” for first-aid use. Essentially identical to the aloe vera’s inner leaf, our 100% stabilized aloe vera gel lubricates sensitive tissue safely. Specially prepared for topical application to moisturize, soothe and condition, Aloe Vera Gelly is a thick, translucent gel containing humectants and moisturizers. Readily absorbed by the skin, it soothes without staining clothes.
Aloe Vera Gelly provides temporary relief from minor skin irritations. It can also be used on the skin prior to ultrasonic treatment, or after electrolysis. Hairdressers use the Gelly around the hairline to protect the skin before perming and coloring. From your bathroom cabinet to your first-aid kit, and from the kitchen to the  campsite – Aloe Vera Gelly is an ideal companion for skin that needs a little extra care.                         

  • Quickly soothes the skin
  •  Does not stain clothing
  •  Ideal for any first-aid kit 

Item #063C   10.62 CAD

ALOE moisturizing lotion Weather, wind and pollution – day in, day out, they take their toll on your skin. Now you can fight back with our exquisite Aloe Moisturizing Lotion.
This unique lotion has outstanding humectant and moisturizing properties. It contains Collagen and Elastin to keep the skin smooth, soft and elastic while maintaining the skin’s natural pH balance. Thicker than our Aloe Lotion, it is ideal for replenishing lost moisture and restoring skin’s soft, silky feel. Aloe Moisturizing Lotion is excellent for face, hands and body, helping to counteract the effects of pollution and the environment. Once the lotion has been smoothed on and absorbed into the skin, makeup can be applied as usual.

  • Moisturizer for face and body
  •  Excellent for hands
  •  Does not contain Lanolin
  •  Rich in texture

Item #187   21.29 CAD

ALpha-e factor our skin-replenishing agent, contains rich ingredients designed to enhance your skin like nothing you’ve tried before! It moisturizes from within to deliver ultimate smoothness to your skin for a younger-looking appearance.
This light, emollient fluid is fortified with Vitamins A, C and E, Borage Oil and Bisabolol. It is an antioxidant fluid designed to combat free radical damage, which causes 80% of our skin’s damage. Alpha-E Factor’s foundation is our pure stabilized Aloe Vera Gel, with all of its benefits.
     These special ingredients are uniquely combined into one product:
•Vitamin E (as Tocopherol Acetate) – the “skin vitamin,” an antioxidant that combats free radical damage, softens and moisturizes.
•Vitamin A (as Retinyl Palmitate) – a powerful antioxidant which enhances elasticity while moisturizing and reducing scaliness.
•Vitamin C (as Ascorbyl Palmitate) – antioxidant which enhances elasticity. Also helps inhibit the formation of scar tissue.
•Lecithin – an excellent emollient which improves suppleness of the skin.
•Borage Seed Oil – provides the skin with gamma linoleic acid (an essential fatty acid) which helps restore moisture.
•Bisabolol – a natural, soothing ingredient with a light citrus aroma, suitable for even sensitive skin.
•Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride – a natural emollient from coconut oil which moisturizes without the heavy, greasy feel of other oils.
•Soy Bean Oil – A texture-enhancing moisturizer with antioxidant properties.

These natural ingredients are combined with the purest humectants and emulsifiers to create one of the most versatile skin care products ever introduced! 

  • Superb combination of powerful antioxidants
  • Enhances elasticity
  • Normalizes and balances dry skin
  • Suitable for even the most sensitive skin
  • Ideal for almost every situation that requires topical application of natural antioxidants 

Item #056     21.29 CAD

body toner A rich herbal formula in a moisturizing cream specially prepared for use in toning, firming and beautifying with the cellophane wrap. Cinnamon oil and capsicum enhance circulation, warm the skin under the wrap and minimise the appearance of cellulite. Aloe Body Toner can also be used by itself for an invigorating experience. (118ml)

  • Beautifies body while toning and firming
  •  Moisturizes and conditions the skin
  •  Superb combination of herbal complexes

Item #057   26.68 CAD

body conditioning creme Aloe Body Conditioning Crème is rich in herbal extracts, emulsifiers and humectants. Effective as a massage cream, it can also be a spot rub for the entire hip and leg area to help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Applied after the toning process, this non-greasy, conditioning cream gives your skin a warm glow for a great all-over feeling. (118ml)

  •  Stimulates circulation beneath the skin, which can help break up trapped fluid and fatty tissue 
  •  Helps reduce the appearance of cellulite 
  •  Effective massage cream
     Non-greasy conditioner

Item #055   63.97 CAD

 body toning kit  Indulge yourself with an at-home body wrap designed to help trim, tone and tighten, minimizing the bumpy texture of cellulite. European herbal complexes and natural warming agents help to stimulate circulation and cleanse the skin, breaking up the trapped fluid that can lead to cellulite.
Each Body Toning Kit contains: Aloe Body Toner for use with the cellophane wrap; Aloe Body Conditioning Creme for topical, non-wrap use; Aloe Bath Gelée for a soothing, relaxing bath, and a loofah to smooth the skin and help increase circulation.
We take pride in this excellent collection, so treat your body to what it deserves, and look your very best with Forever’s Aloe Body Toning Kit.

  • Aloe Body Toner
  •  Aloe Body Conditioning Creme
  •  Aloe Bath Gelée
  •  Loofah and plastic'

Item #076CE   180.42 CAD

mini touch of forever (PERSONAL CARE) The Personal Care option includes: Aloe Fleur de Jouvence, R3 Factor Skin Defense Creme, Aloe Bath Gelee, Loofah, Forever Aloe Scrub, Aloe Vera Gelly, Aloe Lotion, Forever Bright Toothgel, Aloe-Jojoba Shampoo, Aloe-Jojoba Conditiong Rinse, Aloe Liquid Soap, Aloe Lips (2), Aloe Propolis Creme, and English or Spanish literature.


Item #001CE   360.84 CAD  

FULL SIZE touch of forever combo pak Can it get any better than having all of your Forever favorites together in a single, convenient pak? A great introduction to Forever and ideal for sharing our products with your friends and family, as well as receiving massive savings off the individual retail prices. The full-size Touch of Forever Combo Pak includes the items listed below:

Contents  (subject to change): Forever Pomesteen Power, A-Beta-CarE, Absorbent-C, Bits N' Peaches, Aloe Heat Lotion, Aloe Lips with Jojoba, Aloe Liquid Soap, Aloe Propolis Creme, Aloe Vera Gel, Aloe Vera Gelly, Forever Marine Mask, Arctic-Sea, Aloe Jojoba Conditioning Rinse, Fields of Greens, Forever Bee Pollen, Forever Bee Propolis, Forever Bright Toothgel, Forever Calcium, Forever Multi-Maca, Forever Garcinia Plus, Forever Ginkgo Plus, Forever Kids, Forever Lite Ultra Vanilla, Garlic-Thyme, Gin-Chia, Forever Royal Jelly, Aloe-Jojoba Shampoo, 1 pack of Product Brochures and 1 USB Drive.