This is the perfect transition from our popular Clean 9, which was your ‘quick start’ programme to weight management. The Forever Nutri-Lean Pack is the next step that will guide you down the path to weight maintenance and fitness habits that will last for the rest of your life.

Remember, there is no ‘quick fix’ to a lifetime of weight management, which is why we have created the Forever Nutri-Lean Programme to assist you. In fact the most fundamental purpose of this programme is to show you that you CAN control your weight…by simply cutting back and understanding portion control and moderation. We will teach you how to learn the difference between good and bad fats, help you make friends with your metabolism and most importantly learn to listen to your body.

This easy-to-follow programme is designed to help you lose weight both gradually and healthily. Follow this eating plan until you have reached your desired weight.

The following programme is based on a 1,500-calorie eating plan.  You can then adjust the plan to suit you as needed.

Your BMR relates to the rate at which your body utilises and burns calories. This indicates the minimum number of calories your body needs each day in order to properly function while you rest (such as heart beat, breathing, blood flow).The only way to lose weight is to burn MORE calories than the amount you consume. Once you understand your body’s metabolic rate, you will be one step closer to achieving your own weight goal.

As you start to lose weight, recalculate your BMR after every 2kg lost, and adjust your daily calories.

The Forever Nutri-Lean eating plan is designed around several ‘mini-meals’ to be eaten throughout the day; it is recommended that you try to eat every 3 hours.

Eating ‘little and often’ helps over time to reduce the size of portion your body expects, helps you feel full quicker and keeps your energy levels stable throughout the day.

Typical daily menu:

Morning       1 Forever Garcinia Plus (20-30 mins before shake)
                     1 meal replacement shake - 1 scoop of Forever Lite Ultra with 300ml (10oz) skimmed or soya milk
                     1 piece fruit

Snack           60ml (2oz) Aloe Berry Nectar or Aloe Vera Gel
                     2 pieces brown toast with 1 tbsp peanut butter

Lunch           1 Forever Garcinia Plus (20-30 mins before shake)
                     2 Forever Lean capsules (immediately before shake)
                     1 meal replacement shake - 1 scoop of Forever Lite Ultra with 300ml (10oz) skimmed or soya milk
                     1 medium portion of raw vegetables with 2 tbsp humous or light dressing

Snack          60ml (2oz) Aloe Berry Nectar or Aloe Vera Gel
                     1 Fast Break Bar

Dinner         1 Forever Garcinia Plus capsule (20-30 mins before meal)
                     2 Forever Lean (immediately before meal)
                     1 Probiotic beadlet (take with water BEFORE meal)
                     400-calorie meal (include 1/3 each lean protein, good carbohydrates and healthy fat)