Home Business Visibility and What It Means To You - Everything! Or What "The Ruggburns" Can Do For Your Business. If your home business has zero to very little visibility you don't have a business - it really is that blunt and simple. No visibility simply means nobody knows you are in business.

There is a rather simple 4-step formula for how to get your message out, be visible and have a profitable home business. The first two are shown below. The remaining two are proprietary information available exclusively to our members.

  1. One your message or e-mail, webpage, etc. must be visible in a positive way such that when people see it they think "Gee that's unique and cool!"
  2. Two you must right away make your reader inquisitive such that he wants more information. Nobody buys anything without information. It's like trying to sell an unmarked box with unknown contents inside. - Good Luck! So people must read your information for you to have any chance to get them to buy.
  3. Three - Proprietary Information Provided Exclusively to Our Members
  4. Four - Proprietary Information Provided Exclusively to Our Members
As professional Internet marketers for the past 7 years the system we have put together utilizing the IMarket System is designed with a specific purpose of putting the Explosive Power of the Internet to work for you 24 - 7 . One of the areas that we thoroughly understand that is often missing with other home business programs is the visibility factor.

Simply put you can have a great home business program, but how do you get your message seen over all the noise out there?

If your message looks like all the other home business programs out there than it is essentially invisible. It doesn't stand out so it doesn't get noticed. Home businesses today can be extremely lucrative (especially combined with the power of the Internet) and that is why so many people today are starting their own home business.

(International Data Corporation projects over 25 million home businesses by 2003...just in the U.S. Nearly 8,500 new home businesses established daily.)

But that also means you want and need to be noticed over the other home businesses in the marketplace. And that is an area where our extensive marketing and Internet experience gives you a big edge. You want to work in the right business with those people who can give you that visibility and Internet marketing advantage.

One of the areas where we stand out is with the Home Business Comic "The Ruggburns". Simply put it is a brand new and multi-functional tool for your use.

The Ruggburns is a unique tool designed to provide you advantages in the following areas:

  • Because of it's uniqueness it gives you higher visibility in the marketplace, which translates into more people seeing what you have to offer, which equals more sales to you with the same amount of effort.
  • Because of the huge appeal of comics it can also be used as a tool to further get your message out to people you otherwise couldn't reach with traditional messages.
  • It functions as an excellent training and credibility tool. Each issue is designed to provide you training and additional credibility for your business.
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